Project Exocet Begins with a 1996 Miata

The journey begins! We have decided on an Exocet as our first project car. The Exocet is a kit car by Exomotive which requires a Mazda Miata donor vehicle. We found a cheap salvaged 1996 Miata which we will be pulling the engine, transmission, chassis, and electrical from.

The car was in a bad accident and had been picked at for parts but it should still work for our purposes. We had no way of starting the engine so we will have to trust the owner who assured us that it was working prior to leaving it parked in front of his house for a couple years.

Now, it is time to get it onto a trailer. We used a small portable winch which came in quite handy.

The project car is now in the garage where we will be taking this car completely apart and we will transform this into a dedicated track car.

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