Installing the Cold Air Intake System

We are keeping the factory cold air intake system for now since we are planning on forced induction later on. The stock routing position however, would not work for us though since the engine bay of the Exocet is a little tighter making the air filter hit the heat shield.

So, the idea is to add an elbow right after the air filter and use the existing mounting bracket on the MAF to mount to a custom made bracket. This bracket would then bolt to the holes on the engine block previously used by the power steering pump.

Using an L-shaped aluminum flat, we cut, sanded, shaped, bolted, and painted it into a bracket that would hold up our intake.

The cold air intake system turned out great. The routing is super clean and is very sturdy. Of course, all of this will be removed once we add some sort of forced induction, but it will suffice till then.

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