Replacing the Fuel Pump for no Reason

Our Exocet had started to run very poorly and would sputter our till it died. It finally got to the point where it stopped starting all together no matter how much I cranked it. I thought it was something about my wiring or the battery. Then we figured maybe it was the fuel pump so we decided to replace the factory fuel pump with the Deatschwerks 255 LPH Fuel Pump.

Removing the fuel pump is super easy with the accessibility of the Exocet. We just unscrew it off the gas tank which is fully exposed.

And what do we see? A nearly empty fuel tank!

We knew we were low, but we didn’t realize we were running on fumes. Lesson learned. We went ahead with the replacement anyways since we would likely have needed to replace it anyways once we go forced induction.

After putting fuel in, everything started again and ran just fine.

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