California Street Legal

We had started the whole California DMV process to register the Exocet for road use back in May but it took until now to finally get all the paperwork through.

The entire process is horribly inefficient and convoluted. We basically had to teach whomever we were working with what the correct procedures are since they deal with these cases so infrequently. Luckily, all of this is past us and we can now drive our Exocet to the track as opposed to renting a trailer.

For our special plate, we chose “EXO 30”, because the Exocet we have is Exomotive’s 30th produced frame.

We also took the liberty to add number “30” decals to the car since track days require your car to be numbered. The color scheme, the number 30, and the fact that we are in the Bay Area coincidentally pays homage to my favorite NBA star, Stephen Curry.

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