Replacing Dominator Headlights with Rigid LED Headlights

We originally had Dominator headlights installed on the Exocet but they proved to be woefully inadequate. They had numerous problems which forced us to switch to Rigid SR-M Pro LED Headlights.

We didn’t like a number of things with the Dominator headlights. They were too big and bulky for the small size of the Exocet. The glass frosted over from the inside in just a few months of usage. And they were not bright enough to light the road at night.

The size of the Rigid LED headlights are significantly more compact and makes the car look much more attractive.

The new headlights are almost the same size as our turn signals so that will likely be a future enhancement.

I love how the Rigid LED lights are significantly brighter and whiter than our old Dominator lights.

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