Exocet Sport to Race Frame Conversion

Safety is very important to us so while the kit we got started off with the Sport frame in which you would have minimal protection in rollover events, Exomotive was thankfully willing to sell us the raw pre-cut pipes necessary to convert the kit to a full Race frame.

A quick test fit shows that the pre-cut pieces line up very well.

One nice advantage of using the pre-cut pipes is that you can also customize the design a little to suit your needs. We opted to position the top roof bar straight instead of diagonal so we could stand up without knocking our helmet against a piece of metal.

Another change we decided on was to upgrade the bottom floor panels from the originally supplied thin aluminum panels that were supposed to be riveted on, to thicker steel panels that are now welded on. I really don’t feel like having anything puncture through the bottom of the car and into our bodies.

With everything welded in place, the original silver powder coating will now have to be redone. We’ll be sending this off to perhaps get something a little more exciting and visible than silver.

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