Suspension and Brake Install

For now, we are going to use the OEM Miata suspension equipment that the previous Exocet builder was planning on using. Depending one how the car behaves with this set up, we may switch to a more performance oriented equipment later on.

Using a rented spring compressor, we were able to pop the shocks right into place with little hassle.

We had chosen to upgrade from the stock ‘96 Miata OEM brakes to a set of second hand brakes from a 2001 Miata. These brakes are much bigger than our model year and should be more than enough for a lightweight Exocet. To make the new brake calipers fit, we needed to remove to old dust shields.

We paired the larger OEM brakes with a full set of EBC Yellowstuff brake pads.

We also reused the old rubber brake lines from the donor vehicle and riveted the mounting brackets directly to the frame.

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