It's Alive!

Today is the day we try to start the car. After going over the wiring multiple times, and double checking all the connections, it is time to hydrate the beast with all the fluids it needs.

We added Mobile 1 Synthetic 10W-30 motor oil, some Mercedez Benz branded brake fluid we had laying around, distilled water for the coolant, and good old 91 octane gas.

After nearly a year and a half of working on this project car, we have never seen this motor run so we definitely don’t have our hopes up. Let’s see what happens on our first try in starting this car after completely tearing everything apart and rebuilding it back up from the ground up…

IT’S ALIVE! I’S ALIVE! It is absolutely unbelievable that this car started on our first attempt. I was certain that we would have missed a wire or had something adjusted incorrectly or something. The engineer in me is very happy. Can’t wait to get this running on the track.

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