Cars and Coffee ... and Crap

We are just days away from our first track weekend at Laguna Seca Raceway so we took the car out for a final endurance run to ensure the Exocet could survive the two day track experience.

After a nice coffee break at a local coffee shop, we head out to some local backroads to throw the car around some corners.

The road we found was mostly paved, except several miles into it, we noticed that we were getting wet stuff flying into the cockpit.

As it turns out, the trail we were on was partly a horse trail and all the wet stuff flying onto the car and onto us was horse crap. The entire underside and fenders were caked with crap and we spent an hour or so cleaning it all up once we got home.

Other than that, the car drove and handled great so it is time to see what the Exocet can do at the track!

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