Plasti Dipping a Second Set of Wheels

While our tires of choice on the track are a set of Nitto NT01 Competition Tires, we got a second set of tires and wheels more for our every day street driving. We found someone selling a reasonably priced set of MST Wheels Time Attack paired with Hankook Ventus RS4 tires.

The only problem though is that we are not too crazy about the bronze color of the rims. Our solution is to use Plasti Dip to change the color to black. This should make the rims look much better with our yellow and black color scheme.

We cover the rubber with painters tape, clean the rims as well as we could, and start spray painting.

After many coats of the base black coat, metalizer, and glossifier, we finally got it to look somewhat decent. We’ve never used Plasti Dip before and the finish was not as smooth as we were looking for. If we ever did it again, we will have to remember to lay down a significantly heavier first coat as Plasti Dip does not respond well to feathering the spray. It will do for now and it looks much better than it did before.

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