Accessorizing the Exocet

As we draw closer to our first track day, we put the finishing touches on the Exocet. To improve our shifting, we are installing the Raceseng Slammology Gate 4 Shift Knob.

This shift knob is a heavy 500 grams which makes shifts more consistent. The black Delrin cover will also reduce heat transfer from the transmission tunnel into our hands. And the roundness of the knob should make shifting feel fantastic.

To improve the grip of the foot pedals, we went with the Razo Sport Pedals. These pedals are lightweight, grippy, and larger than stock pedals so this should make heel-to shifting easier.

To improve our safety, we decided it was a good idea to mount a fire extinguisher just in case there was an unforeseen accident. We chose the HalGuard HG250R Fire Extinguisher which does not leave corrosive chemicals when used. We mounted it behind the driver’s seat using a quick-release bracket.

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