Fixing Hyper Fast LED Turn Signals on a Miata

We are retaining most of the Miata’s electrical system on our Exocet but we have upgraded the turn signals to the Maxxima Round 21 LED Lights. The unfortunate side effect to this are hyper fast blinkers because the LED turn signals have significantly less resistance than the incandescent bulbs that the flasher unit is expecting.

Fortunately, the fix is relatively simple as all we need to do is swap out one of the resisters on the flasher unit.

After taking the flasher unit apart, we desolder the resister at label R1 and we replace it with one that is 1M Ohms. We were able to find a brown-black-green-gold resistor laying around which works perfectly.

You can see that the turn signal speed now is much closer to the original Miata turn signal speed after we have performed this mod.

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