Installing a Custom Windshield on the Exocet

The Exocet kit does not include a windshield, nor is there even an option to add one from Exomotive. After lots of research, we found one person whom were making them custom to the measurements of the Exocet.

The windshield was made for a Sport chassis which does not have the roll-cage but fortunately, we found a way to mount it with very minimal custom bracket fabrication.

The windshield came without the glass so we took it to a local glass shop to have it fitted with tempered safety glass. We also painted the windshield frame a semi-gloss black to make it match the rest of the car.

Without the windshield, we were getting junk in our eyes and mouth. It was a very unpleasant experience to say the least. With the windshield, driving even without a helmet is MUCH MUCH more tolerable. This is one of my most recommended modification.

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