Upgrading the Suspension System

On our first track day, we felt the Exocet had a lot of body roll while turning aggressively which isn’t a surprise since we are still using OEM shocks and springs.

To combat this, we are upgrading to the Flyin’ Miata Stage 2 Fox Suspension Kit which provides much stiffer spring rates: Fox Suspension (550 lbs/in rear)(375 lbs/in front) vs OEM (154 lbs/in rear)(97 lbs/in front). The new suspension kit comes with heavy-duty sway bars and ride height adjustable shocks.

The Flyin’ Miata sway bars are noticeably thicker than stock sway bars.

The new Fox Shocks on the right looks much better than stock.

Having installed the shocks, we noticed that we had to raise the ride height on the shocks to the very highest setting. Because of this, we were pretty much at the very top of the range of the shock travel so we needed to install the Exomotive Shock Spacers.

While installing the shock spacers, we ran into some fitment issues where some of the welds on the spacers prevented us from cleanly fastening the nuts. To get around this, we used some washers which we cut notches in, to space the nut above the welds.

After running this new set up on the road, we noticed an issue with the sway bars rubbing against the shock towers.

So to increase the adjustability of the sway bars, we installed new Supermiata Adjustable Sway Bar End Links.

For our setup, we are using the FM sway bars for the front, but we are retaining the rear OEM sway bars since we don’t want the car to oversteer too much. A very common setup on the Exocet is to run without rear sway bars, but we’ll run with this setup for now.

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