Closing up the Hole Below the Windshield

One of the improvements we’ve been meaning to make is to close up the hole below the windshield. The windshield that we had installed floated in the middle of the cockpit and does not go all the way down to the hood. This results in a tremendous amount of wind that would rush through as we drive fast. This causes tons of turbulence which we would like to get rid of as much as possible.

To close up the hole, we simply took a sheet of aluminum and had a local HVAC Ductwork company bend it to the dimensions we supplied that would fit under the windshield and close off the sides.

After spray painting it and screwing it down in place, the windshield looks pretty darn clean and taking it out for drive certainly proves that the inside of the vehicle a much less turbulent than before. It is definitely much more pleasant driving it around town without a helmet with this mod.

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