Upgrading to Flow Force Fuel Injectors

Before we turbo our Exocet, we need to improve our fuel flow rate by upgrading to more powerful fuel injectors. We decided on a set of Flow Force 640cc Fuel Injectors which should provide our 1.8L Miata engine plenty of runway to go up to our target of around 250hp.

After a quick assembly of the loose parts for each injector, we removed the old injectors in order to install the new ones.

With the old injectors removed, we pop in the new fuel injectors.

The installation of the fuel injectors was really straightforward and all that is needed now are some adjustments to our Megasquirt ECU. First, we set the injector flow rate to 640cc, then we set the Injector Dead-Time and the Injector Small Pulsewidths values according to the Flow Force datasheet. With these settings, the car started back up and we get to retune the engine all over again.

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